ARKOPHARMA - The Science of Health, Naturally
A comprehensive approach to health and well-being.
By adopting a comprehensive approach to health and wellbeing, ARKOPHARMA aims at meeting consumers expectations providing natural medicines designed both to cure and prevent. ARKOPHARMA encourages home medication and at the same time makes new products available for the medical profession to prescribe.

    - European leader in Phytotherapy and Nutritional supplements
    - An International presence in more than 60 countries
    - 7 overseas subsidiaries: Spain, Italy (2), Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland
    - 1,202 Employees
    - € 177,6 million of consolidated sales
    - ARKOPHARMA holds 1,724 Product Licences for medicines.
    - ARKOPHARMA invests 4% of net medicine sales in Research and Development.
Our values, our strategy, our strength.

For 30 years, ARKOPHARMA Laboratories have been developing new health medicines based on natural products.
In an era distinguished by a search for a healthier life and a quest for essential values, phytotherapy and food supplements are gaining ever-increasing support from consumers worldwide.