1. Proof of Effectiveness

A clinical study has demonstrated the beneficial role of Phyto Soya on hot flushes and was published in Menopause, the journal of the North American Menopause Society (Effects of a standardized soy extract on hot flushes: a multicentre, double blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study – Evelyne Drapier Faure, Philippe Chantre, Pierre Mares, MENOPAUSE, Vol.9, N°5, September 2002).

For 4 months, a medical team studied the efficacy and tolerance of PHYTO SOYA® (17.5 mg at 2 capsules morning and evening) on 75 menopausal women suffering from hot flushes. A 40% decrease in hot flushes was noted right from the first month, culminating in the 4th month in a decrease of more than 60% in hot flushes and a statistically significant difference compared with women taking a placebo (- 20.7%).

Moreover, 93% of the women noted very good tolerance and 72% of them approved its efficacy, making PHYTO SOYA® a natural alternative of choice, with no adverse effects, for the management of disorders during the premenopause and the menopause.
The results of another clinical study on PHYTO SOYA®(4) showed an improvement in anxiety, mood swings, sleep and finally vaginal dryness.